Upstate Nonprofit Feed & Seed Co. Opens in Historic Judson Mill District

Feed & Seed Co. will serve as a collaborative facility for farm, food, and education in the Upstate.

The nonprofit organization has teamed up with Artisan Food Solutions and strives to improve the health and well-being of all citizens by increasing access to nourishing local foods and establishing a truly sustainable food system built on profitable farms and independent markets.

“Our father always told us that a good idea takes 7 to 10 years”, said Board Chair Mary Hipp. “Here we are, 10 years later, Feed & Seed is open and supporting the local food systems addressing farmer support, food waste, fresh food accessibility and affordability.”

Feed & Seed began as a concept from a Ten at the Top work session in 2012, stemming from the idea that everyone deserves access to healthy, local food. Hipp said an Appalachian Regional Commission grant helped the non-profit purchase all the equipment for the facility.

The multi-purpose facility will also support local farmers by providing them with the infrastructure and support systems needed for their success.

“When all South Carolinians have physical, economic and social access to sufficient, safe and nutritious food grown within their community we will have truly met our mission,” said Feed & Seed Co Acting Executive Director, Patricia Tripp. “We are well on our way to making this a reality.”

The Feed & Seed Co. Food Innovation Hub will include a green market with prepared meals, produce, a variety of products, freezer and refrigerator space, a warehouse with processing capabilities, and a community room called the “Hayne Hipp Community Room” for farmers and different education classes.

The non-profit group plans to hold their grand opening this Saturday, April 9. For more information and ways to volunteer, visit the Feed & Seed Co. website at

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